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:: Saturday, March 15, 2003 ::

Title Looks like Haloscan is down with the comments again... So yesterday I was really productive. I got up, went to get my drugs from A&P, went to Williams and turned in my application and went to "elitist college in the middle of freakin' nowhere New England" to visit everyone. A lot of driving (well, not really a lot, but you don't pass anything so it feels like a lot longer than it really is) in Bitter's car, which, by the way, is treating me very well. So my visit up to "elitist college..." was a lot of fun. I had lunch with Andrew and hung with him and Todd for a while then went over to the boy's room and Jim, who's taking a semester leave, was visiting so I got to see him too! Went to see our friend Em play piano in a jazz concert (she's really good!) then I headed over with the wicked hot Italian Catholic (who doesn't look particularly Italian with his dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, but is hot nonetheless) with five names (oh so sexy) to see an improv comedy group perform (with free alcohol!) followed by a dance party. SO fun. So yeah. Good times. I am leaving tomorrow for Orlando! Yay for 80 degrees!!! I don't even remember what 50 feels like... And Preppy and First are gone too... so I'm thinkin there won't be too much going on here for the next week, but check back periodically to see what the Bitches have been up to!

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