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:: Saturday, March 08, 2003 ::

Well... Christine was here last night (actually she is still here taking her EMT exam...) and the issue of the boy came up. I got some answers, sort of. I think I can take this as a no, though:

yada yada yada talking about random stuff, talking about her and Jim, talking about boys in general, I say that if a guy is interested and he thinks or knows I am he should take the initiative because I don't have the balls (literally or figuratively) to do it, she says what if he's shy, I think she might be talking in hypothetical situations about the boy, she says I'm ballsy and that I should take the initiative if he is shy as long as its the "right thing"

yada yada yada talking about random stuff that's been going on at their college, talking about last weekend when I was up there
Christine: "Yeah so [the boy] asked me. He was like "Uhhhh... Christine..." "
Me: "Oh yeah?"
Christine: "Yeah, I said "Don't worry, you're still okay, budddy" "

Okay? Bummer.

Aaaand I hadn't told anyone from "elitist college in the middle of freakin' nowhere New England" except Christine and Jim that I was applying to transfer to Williams, but the boy knows. It's kinda a strange situation, because I knew that he suspected and I knew that he knew I was keeping something from him. But I needed to be able to pretend that he didn't have any idea for my own sanity. But now I know that he knows. Christine mentioned it today. Apparently he put two and two together and then asked Jim if he knew anything about it and Jim being his best bud is of course not going to lie. So anyway, yeah, now that I know that he knows, I guess he should hear it from me so at least it is all out on the table.

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