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:: Thursday, March 27, 2003 ::

What happened to Geoff? I noticed that we haven't heard from Geoff lately. Come back. We miss his smart and witty comments. Where has he gone? Has he fallen off of the face of the earth? Been run over by a truck crossing the street like the dude in the story I read for Spanish yesterday? Struck by the mysterious Asian flu virus thing and taken to bed ill? Snached up by a nomadic cult that wanders from one Southern Appalachian snake handler to another waiting for the moon to turn red? Died one of those New York deaths that no one knows about for weeks? Been trampled by crazed anti-war protesters as he single handedly tried to bring light to the dark side? Been hospitalized due to a freak accident involving punk rock, whipped cream, hair gel, tattoo needles, and duct tape?

Also, the dude from Brain Terminal (see link on the left) apparently reads as I found out when Bitter posted about how hot he is, which by the way, is a true statement. So I think he should comment more! Yeah! He's smart, funny, hot, available... 12 years older than me... oh well. Cest la vie. AND he has a wicked cool middle name. Oh yes. Wicked cool.

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