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:: Thursday, April 03, 2003 ::

Once again using the blog for my own personal help. So I need to find a really cheap ticket (as I have very little money and will have even less by May) from Atlanta to either Harrisburg, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. I have checked out Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotwire, etc. and they have some okay prices, but none are that great. I checked out Southwest because they always have cheap airfare, but they don't fly out of Atlanta and I doubt I could convince anyone to drive me two and a half hours over to Birmingham. Is there anywhere else y'all can reccommend? I am looking to get my ticket in the next few weeks, but I won't be flying until the very end of May and returning in either mid-July or mid-August. Also, I have never bought a ticket from Travelocity or Orbitz or any place like that 'cause I usually just fly non-rev on Delta, but that's a no-go for this trip, so can you trust your ticket with those Travelocity places? I'm not going to get stuck in Atlanta or my flight cancelled or stuck somewhere else, am I? I can afford to get stuck in the arrival airports, but I can't afford to get stuck in Atlanta... Can anyone gimme a little advice on getting the cheapest ticket possible that will still get me there and back? Thanks. :)

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