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:: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 ::

According the newly discovered gun nut from Vermont, the governor's race there is boring as hell right now. Of course he explains why it might not be after November 5. What really caught my eye about this piece was at the bottom:
Notice though that she garnered more votes last time around then the Libertairian candidate did. And didn't I mention in the "about me" link on the sidebar something about the crappy candidates the Libertarian Party always fields?
Until I came to New England, I never really saw a third party as an option in elections. Maybe it's obligatory in my college years that I now vote third party in most elections, but I still have to realize what this really means in different states. I'm originally from Oklahoma, not a state where a third party would stand a chance. (I checked the Libertarian and Green sites, there's one elected Libertarian in the entire state.) Anyway, after several years I moved to Virginia (Libertarians - 4, Greens - 2) where suddenly it might mean something a little more. Besides, even a vote for one of the two big ones will make little difference in Oklahoma. They think alike anyway. (And just as a note: when I do vote for a "big one," for an office this year, unless my mind is already made up for that office, my vote is going to Republicans. The Dems have 2 popup ads on their site, they just lost me with that. Besides, if they support the poor who are likely surfing via a modem connection, popups aren't very nice.)

Anyway, so back on track with this. I came to college, my vote doesn't get opened unless there's a close race anyway (absentee ballot) so why not vote third party? I have 4 parties represented in my ballot this year. The Libertarians here in New England were what forced me to take a second look at third parties. Maybe it's because things are so radically left (not liberal in the good way) in some states like Massachusetts that they are a serious and viable option. Vermont is obviously very different than MA, and they probably do only attract the nutcases. I mainly speak about MA because the party there has been so active. So yeah. That wasn't nearly as insightful as I was hoping because I keep going back to the party pages and surfing for the hell of it. Oh yeah, and before I get emails telling me there are more parties than the Greens and Libertarians, I know this. Maybe if the Internet Party ran some candidates, I'd consider voting for them!

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