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:: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 ::

Back from the dead, some personal bitching then on to the good stuff. Well I'm back now. I know that everyone is now jumping up and down with excitement. I had a great weekend, though I won't go into details, and an exam on Monday morning. I had a package of chocolate covered coffee beans my grandmother sent me that I was hoping to save until finals. I had to break them out this weekend. Between the chocolate and the whole coffee bean, I thought a couple of those would keep me up. They didn't. Add a couple of Cokes onto that, nope didn't work. Why does the atmosphere at my school actually make me feel guilty for getting a couple of hours of sleep. I don't think I've slept more than 4 hours on a week night since about two weeks into the school year.

On the same note as school, the school yearbook from last year came out yesterday. The Bitches are very pissed off. I won't go into details because then it would be even more obvious as to who we are, but I'm really pissed off. Even the Bitches not involved directly understand why we are pissed off. (Well Classy might not be because I doubt she knows yet!) So now on to the better stuff...

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