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:: Wednesday, October 30, 2002 ::

Beautiful Women and BlowPops So cruising the NOW website yesterday for this post and this one, I did notice their headline story was something about sexism and television. I didn't read it. But CNN just put a summary up on their site. Wow, I'm so shocked, NOW is complaining. They don't like sexism. They don't like that beautiful women are on television. They don't like that straight women are on television. The problem with NOW is that they complain so much that valid concerns won't be heard.

It reminds me of this whole war on terror thing. Women's groups were pissed off that the administration "suddenly" gave a damn about women in Afghanistan. I agree that they didn't act like they ever gave a damn before, but whatever happened to better late than never? We all know that Washington wasn't really as concerned about women there as they pretended to be, it was a media ploy. However, if it did provide at least some improvements, can't we still be appreciative of that? In a bizarre way it's like last night. I got a phone call from the campus newspaper for a poll of favorite Halloween candy. I said my favorites were the little strawberry candies that are hard on the outside, but chewy in the middle. However, if when I went trick or treating I was given a BlowPop, I wouldn't consider it to be a total loss here. At least my situation has improved from no candy to BlowPop. And what if I miss Halloween, and don't get the candy until November 20? My situation is once again improved. It may not be ideal circumstances, but damnit I would have my BlowPops. Wow, I really think this is the most random post ever.

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