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:: Thursday, October 31, 2002 ::

Better than Sex?!? Well The Spoons Experience sends us to a link of why trick or treating is better than sex. I would like to share with you a list of reasons I found handguns to be better than men. Warning: I was bitter when I wrote this.

*****Reasons Handguns are Better than Men*****
1. You are guaranteed satisfacation with a handgun.
2. You are likely to be satisfied more than once.
3. It's okay if handguns are small.
4. Average size of a handgun is more than 5 inches.
5. Handguns don't roll over and go to sleep.
6. A handgun still fires after more than one round.
7. A handgun can be hidden away when you are tired of dealing with it.
8. A handgun doesn't needlessly compete with other handguns for matters of the ego.
9. Handguns don't complain when you want to go shopping.
10. Handguns don't complain when you want to watch a chick flick.
11. A handgun won't come home drunk at night.
12. Handguns don't leave the toilet seat up.
13. You can still play with a handgun during your period. In fact, you might even enjoy it more than usual.
14. It's not a problem to share your gun with your girlfriends.
15. Handguns aren't intimidated by assertive, intelligent women.
16. Handguns don't suffer from barrel envy.
17. You don't have to worry about whether your hair and makeup are done for a handgun.
18. Handguns don't mind if you wrap your hands around another one.

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