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:: Thursday, October 24, 2002 ::

Boys, Toys and Stupid Policies Today I got through my big project at one of my jobs. I'm so happy! One reporter that showed up for the event was really good looking. Of course he's not my type at all, but maybe I'll have to find out if he's taken on behalf of Spooky. He's totally her type.

Anyway, while I was busy trying on skirts and sweaters this morning, I noticed this story on Instapundit. What good would banning toy guns be to anyone? The only example they cite is this one.
In August, police fatally shot a man brandishing a toy handgun in Brooklyn.
How was he brandishing it? Was he using it to take hostages? Rape a woman? Mug somebody? In other words, was he committing a crime while threatening the lives of others? Even if that gun was a toy, if he made it out to be real in order to threaten the lives of innocent people, the police action was justified. (Okay, so I don't know details of this case. There might be questions for all I know, but I'm attempting to make a point.) If someone is threatening to kill me with a gun, knife, whatever (whether I know it's a real one or not) then I will do damnedest to get out of that situation with my life, even if it means taking theirs.

Also in the news, college chalking policies. Why bother? For one, I thought college was supposed to be about fun and education, in that order. :) What is the problem with a bit of debate taking place on sidewalks? If something nasty comes up, get some water. Everyone carries water bottles nowadays. At our school the year before I started there was a particularly nasty "Coming Out Week." It featured some reasonable content, but then a few people wanted to be very in your face. They drew pictures of female anatomy, and pictures of women having sex with each other (every graphic detail) all over campus with chalk. The administration asked ONLY that group to tone things down next year. They didn't tell all of us that we lost our rights, they simply asked that the C.O.W. (wow, now I know why they don't abbreviate it) organizers keep the message as more support or political, not so sexual in nature. The admissions student workers were then given buckets with water and a mop to go clean up the offending drawings because it was the day for prospective students to visit. No big deal. The C.O.W. organizers have done a great job in the years that I've been here. A few provacative slogans, but that's fine. We have a sense of humor, and we are all adults here.

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