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:: Friday, October 25, 2002 ::

Boys v. Men, Bizarre Links and Machine Guns I love the conversation going on about boys versus men. I was planning on responding to Preppy's comments, but First Bitch did a good job. I like her perspective more anyway. She illustrates that it's not even really about party affiliation as much as it is about knowing what you believe. If you really know what you believe, you can back it up. It's not even that guys have to agree with me, but they need to know why they believe something. Most of my best friends are democrats. I love my Green bitch. The only thing a man must agree with me on is the gun issue, but that shouldn't be a problem since I maintain that self-defense isn't a partisian issue.

So every once in a while I know that everyone gets bizarre search engine results that link to their blog. Our strangest so far? "barn yard porn freaks first" Apparently we are number five on the AOL search engine for that phrase.

So I was just forwarded this information about a Machine Gun Blast in Western Massachusetts. Any New England readers should go. As much as I would love to, I have prior engagements that keep me away, as well as a midterm on Monday morning. I love Machine Gun Blasts. I've been to one before, so hopefully this one will be a good for those that are able to attend as the one I went to last year was for me.

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