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:: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 ::

Can I just say how much it sucks when you get up at 4AM to write a paper, then you get to class and the professor has given an extension? I wrote this alright paper on media images of family, quality time and the American dream, and now I don't know what to do with it. I guess I could revise it, but that just seems like a waste. I should want to make it better, but sometimes you are just too busy to care. Oh yeah, and senioritis is a problem too. I know I'll be good and revise it before it's due, but still...

Anyway, on a more interesting note, the BBC recently came to campus. The reporter seemed nice at first, but then he kinda creeped everyone out. The good news is that some of the new member of the group that he interviewed got their first interview experience, and they did really well. I'm very proud of them! :) But the content of the interview, and how he conducted it with several students who weren't as ready for questions was what got to me. He obviously asked if banning all guns would have stopped the maniac in DC who is shooting (or as First Bitch says, "sniping") people. Simply put, no. Guns are banned in DC. Has he shot in DC? Click here for the answer. If the particular rifle that they haven't even been able to identify was banned would this have stopped him, or if strict gun control laws were in place, would we stop him from committing his crimes? Stupid question. (I can't find a link to the latest state grades, but I wouldn't be shocked if it's gone up from there. By the way, you should scroll down and read Maryland.) As another member of this group of students being interviewed pointed out,
"I don't know if you heard about a little incident that happened in this country last fall, but there were four planes hijacked and thousands of innocent lives taken by men wielding ordinary, everyday box cutters, which are readily available in any corner hardware store to anyone of any age, no permit required, simply for the purchase price!"
Anyway, the other fun part of this interview was when the reporter didn't think that violent crime mattered as long as gun violence was reduced. Well in my book, I don't care if I'm shot or stabbed...if I'm dead I'm still pissed off. In fact, with some of the horror stories I've heard, I'd rather be shot than stabbed. But then I made the point of whether his sister was being raped, would he want a weapon of some kind to try and stop it.

Ohhhhh...so then he asks how I could commit the act of violence against others. I asked for clarification since I am probably one of the least violent people I know and that I have never committed any violent act against others. "I mean taking the law into your own hands. You call it self defense, but really it's just violence and taking the law into your own hands," says the idiot reporter. When the hell is defending your life from someone trying to take it considered an act of violence? We weren't even talking about self defense with a firearm at this point! We were talking about hand to hand defense, or even using a defensive keychain! I don't often say that a person who disagrees or questions self defense or firearm use as being "on the side of rapists, muggers, abusive husbands, etc." But after that statement, I would believe that he actually is on their side! Hmmm...maybe that's why he kept wanting to buy me a drink and told me his room number at the hotel.

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