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:: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 ::

Hey Classy Bitch, tonight I'm wearing the pearls! Literally! Spooky and I went to the gun rally, and I wore pearls with my jeans and boots.

So much that I could blog about at the gun rally. Can I just say, Chris Cox, Executive Director of NRA-ILA is HOT! He's got the tall going for him, and I'll take blonde hair. I normally like brown with brown eyes, but blondes are good too. (Interesting, I'll never admit that about my own experience as a blonde. I'm a natural blonde that hates it and colors red.) I've been single long enough that I don't really care anymore. Actually, come to think of it, I really haven't been single that long. But who cares because I'm ready to date again! Okay, but enough about guns or boys with guns for tonight. I'm too tired to deal with it. Oh wait, I do have one more thing to say about them. The BBC did their article in the last several days, but I won't link to it because it has my name in it. Anyway, it was POSITIVE for those of us who supported the right to keep and bear arms. Of course there were also quotes by those that disagree, but they weren't as good as they could have been. Even I have better anti-gun arguments up my sleeves. I really feel like I know this issue well enough to debate either side. I just happen to agree with one side, the RIGHT one! :)

I think I was far too amused by that last sentence. Spooky and I had a lot of fun driving home. On the way to the rally we called into a radio show just to chat with the host. It was fun. He actually talked to me on the air, too! Spooky and I may ask him out for drinks sometime. Maybe we'll ask people reading this blog out for drinks too. Anyone up for it? :) I don't know if I'm kidding or not yet. Drinks would be good, but not before my 8:30 class in the morning. Oh yeah, and I meant to send a BIG thank you today as well.

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