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:: Thursday, October 17, 2002 ::

I promise to stop soon! But I'm still surfing, and I found this highly disturbing piece at The Volokh Conspiracy.

I can understand not wanting to have a student disturbing others in the classroom. Maybe it's my experience with seminars, but when you are on break, nothing really matters. I have yet to find a professor who tells us what we can and cannot do on break. Was the website making noise or something else to draw too much attention to it? I doubt it. Even so, what's the problem? The professor does reserve the right to ask him not to view the page, but the girls were just being obnoxious. Would they complain about Comso? One of my ex-boyfriend's roommates took Maxim. Every once in a while we would compare a copy of Cosmo that I might pick up with that, and let me tell you that Cosmo is just as provocative. Spooky Bitch even had a discussion with some of her friends once that Cosmo should be sold to men with how much skin and sex they reveal.

What I find most disturbing is the fact that the university is punishing the student for defending himself. He didn't threaten or berate the other students, he simply stated his piece. I'm going to assume that UNLV is a public school. If so, then unlike private colleges, you don't give up your Constitutional rights when you attend.

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