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:: Saturday, October 19, 2002 ::

I was going through headlines at FOXNews and I saw one of the top stories was the possibility of Al-Qaeda teaming up with the Iraqis against the US. George J. Tenet, the Director of Central Intelligence, has suspicions that a common hatred of the United States might bring these two entities together. Now with the two groups being from different schools of Islam (Iraq's population is 60% Shia' and Al-Qaeda is Sunni) one would think that there would be some problems here as the two groups just don't get along all that well. But apparently there is enough evidence of "low-level contacts" between Hezbollah (another Shia' group) and Al-Qaeda to possibly make a Sunni-Shia' partnership feasible.

And when researching this I ran across a new travel advisory. I am so glad I decided to stay in the States this year instead of going off to Jordan for three months.

Well, I better get to bed. I have a day full of football ahead of me. I just want to give some love to my Buckeyes and a wish of "Good Luck" since we're up against Wisconsin tomorrow. This is one of the make or break for the Big 10 title.

I'll write more on the first part of this post when I'm not dead tired.

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