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:: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 ::

I would like to take a moment to share my frustrations regarding this sniper who insists on killing people almost as often as I skip classes. I also believe this to be very relevant to our war on Terror. Honestly, I am a bit skeptical of the government’s ability to weed out terror internally and abroad when this same system is unable to hunt down one man who has now shot 11 people (all within a 50mile radius let me add) for the past several weeks. Come on! People are dieing here in the United States while pumping their gas, going to freaking* craft stores, or riding the bus to work, and we’re lead to believe that our military actions on Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever are supposed to have any impact on the terrorism? Let’s take a minute to think about this for a second. Who are these terrorists? They’re not stupid! I’m assuming it takes some type of intelligence to fool organizations such as the FBI and CIA, organize an international network of terrorists, etc. Then again, maybe I’m giving the FBI/CIA more credit than they deserve…Don’t you think that perhaps if the U.S. is planning on striking Iraq that they just might pack up their shit and head out? I’m sure if they were even taking refuge there at one point they probably would have packed relocated to some inconspicuous place by now. If I was in their situation I can’t say I’d be running into caves to hide or even remaining within the boarders of such a country. Hell, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the sniper was fraking* Osama himself! Billions of hard earned taxpaying dollars are being blown on this type of extravagant and inefficient military campaign. A little results please? I don’t enjoy all the smoke they’ve been blowing up my ass lately! I mean, maybe you like it, maybe it gets you off, but I sure as hell find it rather noxious! People are dieing of starvation, cancer, gunshot wounds, and what have you within the confines of our own country. And let me tell you…I bet Saddam and the rest of the Middle East is really shaking in their knickers watching this from their extravagant palaces. He’s probably thinking “Oh yea, I’m scared. These dip shit Americans can’t even hunt down one sniper. Perhaps we should send in a few. Jeeves, fetch me my rifle!”

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m as Nationalist as the next woman, but I’m not going to sit on my ass and consume all the shit spewing out of my TV set, blindly agreeing with every action my country decides is necessary to “fight terror" (or rather the great "leaders" of our nation). And I’m not anti-war necessarily…I just think if you’re going to be spending my money you better produce some results or at least give me a good reason to keep filling your bank account. I’m a poor college student here. I’m not going to pay for atomic weapons and fighter jets so you can play your little war games for daddy while I sit here and debate over whether I can afford to go home for thanksgiving to visit my family. Go have a freaking* bake sale…more on this issue after my Intro to Islam class (no, i'm not a Terrorist, I'm actually Catholic. Just a student interested in understanding how religion can be used to manipulate others)

*I would have used a more descriptive adjective; however I’d like to keep this a family site

Please excuse my poorly written post, as I sometimes tend to post while in fits of rage.

PS. Bitter, I have a new activity for the gun club...why don't we take a trip to DC this weekend and find this damn sniper ourselves! Talk about press coverage!

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