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:: Friday, October 18, 2002 ::

I'm sorry, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post this fantastic email (er, ah, invitation) I recieved this morning with regard to the DC protest I will hopefully be attending at the end of the month....

> invites YOU to a
> October 26th in Washington DC!!!
> WHAT: A Festively ironic, theatrical feeder march to join up with the
> large anti-war rally/march next weekend in DC. (Read below for
> details)
> WHERE: Assemble at the LARGE PHALLUS (Washington Monument) in
> Washington DC. From there we'll join up with the main march at the
> Vietnam Memorial.
> WHEN: Gather at 11:00AM the morning of Saturday, October 26. DON'T BE
> LATE! Calling on all Jugglers, Fire Eaters, Freaks, Anarchist Clowns,
> Radical Cheerleaders, Billionaires for Bush's War, Drummers, Drag
> Queens, Church Ladies for Choice, Radical Rockettes, Gospel Singers,
> Musicians, Chicks and Pricks for Perma-War, Puppetistas, Babes for
> Bombs, Students for An Undemocratic Society, Church of Stop Bombers,
> Reclaimers of Streets, New Kids on the Black Bloc, and anybody and
> everybody who thinks that this war is absurd....but ABSOLUTELY NO
> MIMES!!!
> In the tradition of the first Absurdists, who wrote and performed and
> drew and danced in response to the horror and devastation of World
> War, we will create our own Theater of the Absurd in response to our
> Idiot Boy King's relentlessly moronic and insane drive to pitch the
> world into a state of permanent warfare.
> The festivities will commence with a ritual "Bowing Down To The Mighty
> Phallus," followed by a "hoisting of the balls of war" presided over
> by Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Bombing Gospel Choir. From
> there it will be a free-form, multi-faceted, moving theater piece
> which anyone with imagination can plug into.
> all kinds, bring posters and banners (sample slogans pasted below.
> Feel free to use these or come up with your own). Bring lots of
> friends. Be prepared to mock the Axis of Oil without mercy.
Some slogans...
- All Hail The Idiot Boy King
- Wag the Dog
- We Have Always Been At War With Oceania
- ExxonMobil (or whatever) Flag over the legend: "Try Burning This One, Asshole!" or "These Colors Don't Run!"
- Free the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
- Bomb the Rainforest
- God Hates Peace
- War is Unhealthy for Children & Other Living Things - Fuck the Children
- Jail the Trees
- Peace is Terrorism
- Bomb Harder
- Make War Not Love
- No Justice! No Peace, Either!
- Before We Build New Weapons of Mass Destruction, Let's Get Some Use Out of the Ones We Already Have
- Bring Back McCarthyism
- Tell Us (US?) What to Think
- Bush is a Wimp/Cheney is a Pussy
- War IS Globalization
- More Bush Family Vendettas (Dukakis: You're Next!) (or Noriega, Perot, Buchanan, Clinton, Gore)
- We Want Gulf War III - Starring Jenna Bush!
- Annex Mexico/Canada
- We (heart) Halliburton, Harken, Enron, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Microsoft, etc.
- God Bless (same as above)
- Pre-empt Germany, France, Democracy, The UN, Congress, The Constitution
- War Through Strength
...and add your own !
> Because calling Bush's war plans "short sighted" or "diplomatically
> problematic" is giving them far too much intellectual heft. Because
> everyone from James Baker III, to Nelson Mandela, to CIA director
> George Tenet has said this is dumb. Because if we don't laugh once in
> a while we'll lose our minds. please repost, please repost, please
> repost, please repost, please repost _

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