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:: Monday, October 21, 2002 ::

Is this a shock to anybody at all? Most of the times that I would like to have a public debate on my pet issue, no one will step forward to do it. We have people who will bitch behind my back, talk crap about me behind my back (personal attacks just because they don't agree), and raise hell on anonymous forums (yeah, I know, ironic). But when it comes down to the important, let's argue this in front of our peers and the world, suddenly they all disappear. The only people that might still be willing to step up are those that yell, scream and maybe cry for pity. No offense, but I do NOT want those kinds of people to represent my college. I'd like to pretend we have some sense maturity. However, even professors stoop to this level. The one that opposes me the most lies about me to other people (he doesn't know who is my friend and will tell me) and writes really nasty insulting articles for the campus newspaper calling me delusional and paranoid. Oh yeah, and he's in my department, so let me tell you how comfortable I now feel going to department events. I won't even take a class with him anymore because I don't want to be picked on any more than any other student. I don't feel like that's too much to ask, but I think he would be a more than a little harsh with his comments to me based on what he says to other students.

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