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:: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 ::

More blogging to avoid work. Probably not good since I have an 8:30AM class tomorrow that I loathe. Anyway, the point of this post is that I get the Gallup Tuesday Briefings sent to me every week. I just now got around to checking that email address when I noticed their "Gender Gap" section which showcases differences in attitudes among men and women. Obvious, yes, I know. I just wanted to be nice to the clueless people that don't yet read this site. This week's story featured the differences in attitudes on use of force by the United States abroad. Of course men were more likely to agree that "the United States should be ready and willing to use military force." What struck me was the difference between men and women agreeing with the statement. Maybe it's the atmosphere of being surrounded by young women that usually don't support military action at all, but I was shocked to see a mere five point difference in the number of women who agreed. To note, Eugene Volokh also has an interesting post about this whole "nature of women" thing when it comes to military action.

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