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:: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 ::

Ok, it's my turn for a little bitching....so, I have 4 lab reports due tomorrow (ok, 2 of them were due today but I requested an extra day and received it). Basically, this means I'm not going to bed tonight! Yippee! No sleep again! Sometimes I really wonder why I chose a science major....go figure!

My Fall Break was nothing to bitch about though. Michael and I had a fantastic dinner in the North End of Boston followed by cocktails on the top floor of the Prudential Center. By far this was one of the most romantic and exciting dates I've ever had. I definitely look forward to seeing him again soon. Aside from being an incredibly intelligent individual, Michael is also extremely handsome (oh yea, and did I mention Catholic!). It will be interesting to see where this relationship leads....perhaps another year form now I will be applying to law schools in Houston.

So, this weekend Christina (my sister) is flying into Hartford on Thursday evening. I have an exciting weekend planned thus far: shopping, a Harvard football game, dinner Bean town, and a regatta all day Sunday in Rhode Island. If you have any other suggestions let me know (preferably inexpensive, since I am a poor undergrad still).

Alright, I think I've procrastinated enough now...time to get back to those Ethology labs...Love to all my Bitch Girls!!!

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