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:: Thursday, October 17, 2002 ::

Ok, so it looks like 6 Palestinians were killed today in Gaza. All of them within their homes., because the "terrorist gunmen" (that is how the Israeli army describes them) or if you will the Palestinian militants opened fire on Israeli tanks that were in the refugee camp in Raffa. Apparently the gunmen like to use civilians for cover (that's wonderful isn't it) so the Israeli army decides to shell the general area of where the fire was coming from. In the process let's kill innocent people, great idea!!! But that's what the Israelis say.... The Palestinians account is that children were throwing rocks and bottles at the troops and that the gunfire heard was from mourners shooting into the air (great idea by the way, let's ignore all rules of physics) at a local funeral for a man killed in the same area. This whole situation is insane. Then we have the West Bank. Don't get me started there... you have a 15:1 Palestinian to Israeli population, and guess who is in charge.... I also have to add that it's a great idea to go through and bulldoze homes of refugees.... that's really going to make them not want to retaliate against you and hate you less. The world is f*cked up.

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