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:: Friday, October 18, 2002 ::

Okay, I understand when people are willing to make some concessions of liberty for safety. I don't agree, but I understand. I also understand the fearful who are afraid of gun owners, and might use the DC maniac to go on a witch hunt. I DON'T understand this. This is the point where it's not citizens who are afraid or unknowing calling in the police. This is government going where it doesn't belong.
...we now know police agencies are making blanket requests that all gun clubs in the state give up their full membership rosters to the government.
I got this information from Direct Action, a pro-gun group in Maryland. I don't know anyone involved personally, but my experience with state level advocacy groups in that region has been positive.

I will also add this note about members of gun clubs. I once took a friend who is very supportive of sweeping gun control, and wouldn't mind it if every firearm was removed from this earth to the range with me. As we packed the firearm back into the transfer basket, cleaned up the brass and threw away the empty ammunition boxes, she made an interesting comment. She told me that as she watched me shoot it had occured to her that any one of the gentlemen down the firing line from us could have walked over, put a gun to her head and shot her. But by the end of the hour, she also realized that these aren't the people who will do that. These are the people that actually follow the law. I simply said, "Exactly." That is the point. It's not the firearm that is the problem. It's the criminal element in society.

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