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:: Wednesday, October 30, 2002 ::

Randomness So my one page response to Backlash ended up sounding like a blog post. Probably not good, but seeing as I skimmed the assigned 223 pages of the book and wrote the response in 50 minutes, I'd say not bad. Oh yeah, and I'm out of black ink so my paper is colorful! Maybe I'll post some of my complaints sometime later this week. Here's what my calendar is looking like: class, study for exam tonight, class, skip out early to take Spooky drinking, drag our asses in at 2 AM, go to class hung over tomorrow, work, interview, class, work, shoot guns, party, drink, get up for an appointment Friday, drink a little more, meet boys, class, drink, get up on Saturday, maybe have time for some blogging!, drink, then party even more. I wish my social calendar were always like this. Too bad it's only because of Spooky's 21st. Love you Spooky!!

Oh yeah, and Baby Bitch, the picture of Chris is RIGHT HERE. Obvious enough for ya babe? :)

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