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:: Friday, October 25, 2002 ::

Republican Boys, Libertarian Men I have to say that I'm quite surprised by Preppy Bitch switching teams, however, I can also see the logic behind her decision. Yes, last night was quite an adventure (and adventure I would have rather not experienced might I add). Unfortunately, I think I was forced to spend most of the time with the particular "Republican" gentleman (awe, screw it, he was a conservative ass hole) because he was too plastered to drive his car. Fortunately, I have dealt with situations such as these ever since I can remember, being that I'm from a small affluent suburb of Detroit, filled with obnoxious persons. Just because mommy or daddy is the CEO's of Delphi, Ford, GM, doesn't mean you have the right to step on poor people and minorities. Do you think its "cool" to brag about how your parents own sweat shops and employ 7 year olds in Ecuador? (This particular person wouldn't shut up about it!). I also might add that my life experiences with such breed of conservatives have led me to my current political affiliation with the Green Party. If all your life you have experienced only obnoxious, belligerent, incompetent, dumb witted, racist, elitist, ass holes, who continually assert themselves as conservatives then you might understand the logical progression of my political identity. Lucky for me I have made friends with such amazing women who defy the heuristic of the conservative that has been reasserted in my mind since god only knows when. I'm now beginning to realize that the breed of conservatives that I am accustomed to, are not true conservatives at all but bigots rather. Thanks to all my bitches for opening my mind :).....but I digress...

So as strange as it sounds, I have actually taken a liking to Libertarians more than Republicans and Democrats. Now some may say, well First Bitch, how can this be? Aren't Libertarians and Greens polar opposites on the political spectrum? Well, to that I say it depends on how you compare them. As Bitter has pointed out to me, we both believe in the power of the people to change the government and not to rely on the government to change itself. In addition though, I find that libertarians can support their political viewpoints, when compared to their Republican counterparts, just as far left liberals can usually explain theirs more effectively than traditional Democrats. So, my point is that it is of greater value to me that one is able to explain and argue effectively their beliefs than the content of the actual beliefs themselves. How can you wage any respect for someone who just follows party lines or can't justify their system of beliefs? I'm not saying that principle is entirely unimportant, but that sometimes perhaps we should consider the overall picture. So in conclusion, I would just like to say that I am very fond of Libertarian Men and I despise Republican Boys for the reasons mentioned above ;) (Sorry, I know you were waiting for something profound and the end there. Maybe next time).

PS. Hey Preppy, how about that WeatherSlut???

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