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:: Monday, October 21, 2002 ::

Seeing as I haven't posted since my first one, and I have plenty to bitch about, I figure I might as well use this time. I have to agree with Preppy on her statment that she hates school. The senioritis has kicked into full gear, and now I am starting to get overwelmed by the backlog of work. I don't like going to classes anymore, and I'd rather not be at school at all. Between gun stuff, my acapella group, my fiance, and having a life in general, school just seems to take up too much time...hehe. Anyway, I did get off easy this morning thank goodness. My morning class was cancelled which means that I will have time to go pay the women at my new barn before I have to go to my afternoon class. I suppose I should go get dressed and eat something now, but don't worry, there is still plenty to bitch about later....hehee.

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