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:: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 ::

Simpsons v. Kids, Celebrity Crushes and Perfect Men Well, actually it wasn't Baby Bitch's comment, it was mine. But that's okay because it looks like I have been challenged. Most of my affection for The Simpsons over Kids in the Hall is probably due to youth and my rural upbringing. Our cable system didn't even carry MTV because some in my area thought it to be too sinful. (Not that I'm a fan of MTV now, it's just a common channel in basic cable.) Though I have seen a few episodes of KITH, when I think of Dave Foley my first thought is NewsRadio. I had such a crush on him during the years that show was on. My celebrity crushes are always strange. Another one that I still have is Jeff Goldblum.

Anyway, back to comedy. KITH was also just a bit over my head when I did catch it in late night growing up. Now when I watch it, I think it's great. It just doesn't have all of the fond memories that I associate with The Simpsons. For example, JelloBoi is one of my closet friends. He and I both think that being a fan of The Simpsons is an absolute must for Mr. Right. We each need someone who can recognize the phrase "Go Banana!"

PS - If you do recognize that phrase, are single, male, 6'0" or taller (preferably), aged 24-34, and like 5'8" redheads, email biitchgirls at hotmail.com. That's two "i"s because apparently the word bitch isn't allowed on Hotmail.) I think I'm kidding about this...

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