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:: Monday, October 21, 2002 ::

So I started a file called "stuff to blog about" when I see something that I'd like to talk about, but don't have the time or the ability to post here. One of the items is this post by VodkaPundit from a couple of days ago. The statement, "Hanging is too good for him" represents exactly how I feel about this crap. There is NO excuse for anyone, much less grown men and women, to act like this guy did. It reminds me of a case elsewhere in New England from about three years ago with accusations of rape. Suddenly there were several reports of men in ski masks jumping out of bushes and raping women in even the most public of places. There was even one DURING a rally against the rapes. However, in the end questions in the reports showed that in fact most of the reports were false. The woman raped during the rally? She actually cut and hit herself before running into the rally crowd crying rape. I'll find links for some of this stuff Monday at work. Were any charges filed? Of course not. How dare we hurt women's rights or something like that. At least they didn't claim it was "for the children."

Another thing to bitch about is the NRA sticker case that I'm sure most of you have read about at Glenn's blog or the Volokh Conspiracy. What the hell would they say about my car then? Or Moody's for that matter? Hell, what if our campus security acted like those cops did at the sight of my door decorations (targets, a Bitter Bitch name sign and political yard signs for pro-gun candidates from other regions of the country)? They would probably be raiding my room that I should be cleaning every single week. Would Spooky's professors have to call the police every time she took her notebook with the giant NRA sticker on it to class for notes? Another point that I want to make is that I am an NRA member, and I do NOT own a gun. I'm barely legal to own a handgun. I also don't have enough money after I pay tuition every semester. But point being, you have to wonder about how many other people this cop might have searched illegally based on their choice of speech on a vehicle that did not have the nerve to follow through. If there's one thing I've learned about social activism through the courts, it will likely take YEARS before you actually see any results. Even this case began in 1993, almost 10 years ago! About a year ago I wrote a paper on finding the "perfect" plantiff for social action cases, focusing on the most important quality of the "perfect" plantiff has to be patience.

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