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:: Thursday, October 17, 2002 ::

So I went to CNN.com to see what was going on in the world, and I see "Breaking News: U.N. spokesman says at least five killed by Israeli fire at incident in Gaza refugee camp. Full story soon." I guess I'll have to post more about it when more details are available. But I bet that the majority of those killed or injured by the Israeli fire were women and children and totally unrelated to why they opened fire.

In other Middle Eastern news it looks like the US won't be persauding Israel not to strike back against Iraq if attacked this time around. President Bush met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon yesterday. Bush said "If Iraq were to attack Israel tomorrow, I'm sure there will be an appropriate response." They also discussed some issues pertaining to the Palestinains but nothing was agreed upon apparently. They are set to meet again early next week, so we'll see what happens. For the full text of the story go here.

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