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:: Thursday, October 24, 2002 ::

So I'm here eating my sushi (mmm...my favorite-I only wish I could afford to buy sushi in mass quanitity-any donations to my sushi and pearl fund would be greatly appreciated) when I heard all the news on NPR about them maybe catching the sniper. (So much for the French Army deserter rumours-my french teacher will be happy) I listened for awhile and then did what any knowledgeable college student would do, check CNN.com. And yes they think they have the right people. (A 41 y.o. army Veteran and a 17 y.o. Jamaican! What an absurd combination) I called my friend who lives in Maryland and she was really happy to hear that but I have to agree with my other Bitches-who could justify killing innocent people, innocuously going on with their everyday business? How? Perhaps there WAS more to those chemicals they dumped on our American soldiers during the Gulf War...

On to more Bitching...I'm very frustrated with my college right now...I love it, for sure, and I'm doing what I need to do, but I'm reading a novel about, where else?, New York City and I feel like I'm missing out on something big. And I mean BIG...Where else can you buy falafel for $3 at 4:30 am? Meet creepy guys from Copenhagen wearing fake leopard fur on the Metro? Rub shoulders with good looking (albeit horny...but even now that seems like a good thing!) men while drinking Tanqueray and Tonic? Alas, not here in the Valley! I getting the itch again, and I'm not talking about some disgusting STD. I need to travel and Bali was looking good until Al Quaeda decided to bomb any non-Indonesians to Hades and back...Bali has been peaceful (a literal and figurative island of peace) for years until some very pissed off Islamic extremists decided to go in and destroy this beautiful fragile culture because it was hosting some Australian football players. (Not to mention my Southeast Asian travel plans...now also in the same state of affairs as the previously existing nightclub.) I need to stop reading the New York Times every morning...it's just too depressing.

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