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:: Monday, October 21, 2002 ::

So right now I'm at work waiting on my supervisor to return from lunch so she can approve the press releases that need to go out today. This is the first press release I've written completely on my own, and it's boring. I'm better at writing about topics that could be a little more heated. I suppose it comes from my experiences with being a pro-gun woman in college, but I think I'm pretty good at handling 'touchy' subjects, and with providing answers that aren't completely answers but seem to be. Yeah.

Until I get the approval to send out this dreaded piece of crap, I'll blog about the weather. I was looking at the forcast on the Weather Channel when I happened upon a link titled "Vaction in Tornado Alley." Don't vacation in Tornado Alley, believe me. It's just bad. I grew up there, and I hate storms. I hate them.
On the third day of their trip, the group stopped for what looked like an organizing tornado. The storm didn't deliver the grand prize -- a twister, but it gave a spectacular lightning show.
"At first, I just saw the bolts, that we've all seen, but then when it starting spreading out across the sky, it was a sense of excitement. Some people got a little nervous, but it was just a beautiful sight of nature to see," Neuman said of the experience.
That was your warning. Don't go closer. Don't look for trouble where none need be found. But no, no...jackasses...
The chasers headed as close to the brewing storm as they could. Then, they waited.
Neuman's excitement grew. "Got the lightning coming now, this is what we came for. If it reforms and comes, it's coming straight for us," he predicted.
"We're going to wait for it to come down now, and stay for as long as they'll let us and maybe stay longer," Neuman hoped.
David pointed out the funnel that reached down from the clouds, but got a lackluster reaction from thrill-seeking Neuman.
"That's a pretty stinky tornado," Neuman said. (emphasis mine)
"It's a pretty weak tornado. I'm looking for something that's spinning and tight and coming right at us," Neuman added. "But, it's a tornado and there's debris on the ground, but it's kind of far away. I'll get a little more excited when it gets a little closer and we really feel the wind," he said.
Now some may think that I'm just a wimp for not enjoying a good tornado. But when you grow up as the only kid without a basement or cellar in Tornado Alley, you get scared. I was also raised as an only child, so those hours between when I got home from school and mom got home were sometimes a bit frightening during a storm. The one redeeming quality of New England is the lack of severe storms. Here I can appreciate the rain without having to worry about being chased by a f*cking cloud.

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