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:: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 ::

So speaking of elections, I have to say I'm a bit amused by my choices for governor in my home state. First off we have the incumbent, Republican from a long line of politicians, in fact his great grand-daddy was the 27th President. His running mate is a minority woman. His Democrat opponet, also an old white guy, is, surprise, surprise, running with a minority woman. Now then we have an independent candidate (another old white guy), who is really a member of the Natural Law Party as is his runnning mate (another minority woman by the way). And I really have no idea what that party is all about. Then we have a woman hailing from Cleveland and the Socialist party. Always fun, right? Last, but not least, is a teacher from the middle of Ohio running with a fellow educator, trying to teach their students that normal people can make a difference. Now the biggest issue for me in the whole thing is gun rights, and only one of the five candidates has any info about the concealed carry issue... and that's the teacher!!!!! So I may be voting for the write in, or I may be voting for Taft, because then Calley's daddy still has a job. I don't know. Decisions decisions. Well I better go study for a mid-term I have tomorrow morning that I just realized I had tomorrow this evening.

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