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:: Thursday, October 31, 2002 ::

Spooky Survived She actually survived her 21st. She had a great time, and I just put her in the shower to help sober her up a little. I, on the other hand didn't have as much of a good time as one would hope. The ex was there. Of course the one bar we would pick would be his regular hangout. Granted, I did NOT know this going in there. Because after 2 years, he still refused to tell me what bars he frequented, for fear that I would go see him. However, tonight I said hello and was polite. Then I started drinking hard with Spooky. Of course we had another reason to as well. Two people who were supposed to help her celebrate backed out without really informing her. It was sad, but she's drunk enough that she probably won't remember. I'm not very drunk at all. Unfortunately. Oh yeah, and WeatherSlut is going back to normal.

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