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:: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 ::

Stupid quotes and the Princess I spent some time going through my notebook during my First Responder class tonight, and I stumbled upon two quotes by my geography professor that were notable in some way.
"Many people have less than two acres of land. Two acres isn't very much."
Now while I don't consider two acres to be much land, it certainly isn't a miniscule amount either. I think there was some kind of context to it that made it even more confusing as to why he was bitching about people having only two acres. Based on the rest of the notes on the page, I think we were discussing areas of India or some other country over near there. He put up a map of the area, but I never can understand what he is saying because of his accent. However, this exchange from the class is a classic example of trying to make people feel good even when they give STUPID answers:
Professor: What was the longest war during the 20th century? It took place in the Middle East.
Student volunteering to make a jackass of herself: The Gulf War
Professor: Well....not quite the answer I'm looking for.
UPDATE: I have an idea. You suggest your best responses to this exchange, and I'll post the best ones. Keep in mind, we're talking to a college girl who most likely grew up thinking she really was a princess. biitchgirls at hotmail.com

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