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:: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 ::

What? Class? Oh yeah, that thing I should go to more than once a week. Yesterday Spooky went drunk, maybe I'll try that for my seminar this afternoon. I'd love to, but I think I'll be a good girl instead. However, this item caught my attention after being directed there by Juan Non-Volokh.

Ballistic fingerprinting. The arguments have been made by everyone under the sun as to why it shouldn't be done. Want more information? Email us and I'll forward you more. However, I was just thinking about how even a careless woman could change the fingerprint left by the barrel by accident. Aside from the fact that if she was smart she'd be practicing with it enough for the fingerprint to change over time, if she wasn't very nice to her pretty little gun then it could easily get changed. Imagine a woman's purse. For my other bitches who know me, imagine my purse. Let's pretend that this woman actually took care of her nails (and didn't just run to the salon when big events come up like me), and she had a nail file in there. Now let's pretend that said woman wasn't very kind to her gun, and she kept it in there unholstered. How long would it be before that file or some other foreign object made it's way down the barrel, potentially screwing with the fingerprints? Now let's stop imagining this woman because she's really mean to her gun, and I don't like people who mistreat their guns.

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