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:: Sunday, October 20, 2002 ::

Wow, what a weekend. Football and guns. If I hadn't fallen asleep at some ungodly hour on Saturday then I would have enjoyed the other favorite college pastime, drinking. The football game that 3 of us bitches went to watch was terrible. The team we were supporting lost, and they deserved it. My team won 49-3 against one of the last teams on their schedule that could have beaten them.

Then, today we took just under a dozen women to do training for range safety officer certification. At the end of the day we all declared that size does matter. Letting loose on paper targets, aluminum cans and the tailgate of a pickup truck with a .44 magnum is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It's so relaxing because with so much action, and the safety precautions that you MUST be aware of, there is no way that you can allow any other thoughts to enter your head.

I have some more to blog about in light of events of the last couple of days that I've been busy. But right now I'm in Preppy's room talking about boys. We like boys.

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