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:: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 ::

2 Days to Go Now begins the countdown to thanksgiving break! I am looking forward to getting back to the good old mid-west for a few days. I miss my family, a few of my old friends, my snuggly doggies (kitty too), and the Great Lakes. It will be quite the drive, but I my Grandmother's thanksgiving dinner and the Degas exhibit at the DIA makes it entirely worth it. So, this weekend I visited my "Prince Charming," as Bitter noted in a previous post. I had a fabulous time in Cambridge, which included a visit to the New England Aquarium (one of my favorite places in Boston) and Legal Sea Food, where I enjoyed a bowl of the best clam chowder I've ever had (all with my favorite man in the world, might I add). I definitely recommend both highly if you are planning a visit to the Boston area.

Unfortunately, I don't really have anything profound to blog about this evening. I'm rather pleased with life at this particular moment. In order to preserve my state of weekend bliss, I've decided to intentionally steer clear of all media resources for the next two days. Call me apathetic if you will, but once and a while I just need a break. Fortunately, I'm able to flip a switch and pretend that everything is wonderful, unlike many others whose lives ARE the horror we watch on CNN and read about in The New York Times. We are so lucky to live in a country where, for the most part, we are safe to go about our daily business.

PS. Yes, it's true, I lost the bet. Ohio State did win, but check this out. Heathens!

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