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:: Sunday, November 03, 2002 ::

Blubbering Fools There's some guy babbling on, and on the verge of tears at a Shaheen (NH Democrat running for Senate) campaign rally on CSPAN right now. It's really pathetic. The rally is really packed. Granted, it's in a room that looks like it's smaller than my 100 square foot dorm room.

UPDATE: Uhoh, now she's telling stories about some old lady who's probably going to die if Sununu is elected. I think I prefer the blubbering fool.

UPDATE 2: I don't think they meant for half of the comments to be heard during the meet & greet that she's doing right now. Over half of the people she's speaking with are from Massachusetts (not gonna vote for her) and colleges. The people heading the campaign in that area of the state, and telling the candidate what's going on, are both college students. I seriously have seen some dorm rooms on my campus larger than the room, and I know I've thrown parties bigger than the turn out at that rally.

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