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:: Friday, November 22, 2002 ::

Frustration Woman cries rape. Police question woman. In the attempt to find a suspect, questions about her story arise. Woman admits she lied. Woman has managed to put 14,000 student campus on edge. What should be done to this woman?
"We don't plan to discipline or charge her," said Karen Grava, a university spokeswoman. "We're very sympathetic to her problems."
In similar hoaxes, women have been charged with falsely reporting an incident. But UConn police said that the case is closed, and "no further police action" will be taken.
Maybe I'm still too young and idealistic, but I thought the bad guy/girl was supposed to be punished. Instead, she's sent home with her father to think about her actions. As if the issue of rape isn't complicated enough at times (especially on a college campus), we have these spoiled little girls going around crying rape just to get attention with no consequences to face. Here's the story in the campus newspaper. (free registration required) Here's the coverage in local media. (no registration)

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