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:: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 ::

Going Home So there has been a slight glitch in my plans of going home. It now appears that I will be driving my car (pray that it makes it to Ohio and back everyone). Because I fucked up again, I will have a nice 12 hour drive all by myself. But I guess the good thing is I can get my car fixed... everything from the dent some idiot put in it when she backed up in the middle of the street without looking, to my radiator hose that I unsucessfully tried to install. My mother will also get to see the damage done to my car when it was broken into... oh joy. At least I will be at home... well I better get my computer packed so I can get some sleep and get out of here bright and early tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: I'm still in rural New England. My mother would have killed me if I had tried to drive my dying car all the way to Ohio. Speaking of my dying car, anyone want to buy me a new one?

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