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:: Saturday, November 02, 2002 ::

I Hate My Car I have to say my car is the biggest pain in the neck ever. So last weekend I was driving somewhere and I notice what looks like smoke coming from the hood. Well when I got to my destination I opened the hood and discovered that there was a leak in my radiator hose and that the "smoke" I saw was just the anti-freeze vaporizing on the engine block (I have to say the smell was great too). I finally found the time to go buy a new hose earlier this week and finally found some time during daylight to put it on. There I was in the parking lot, under the hood, grease and anti-freeze up to my elbows, and I still had my pearls in my ears! I really do live up to my name. I ended up not being able to get the new hose on, because it's so damn cold so the rubber wouldn't give much. I examined the old hose and discovered it was a little pin-prick of a hole. I have no idea how it could have happened other than the hose being old and needing replaced. Well, I'm going to go at it under the hood again tomorrow... wish me luck.

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