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:: Sunday, November 03, 2002 ::

I still hate my car Well I did get my car in working order today, unfortunately I didn't get the new hose on ( I think I may have gotten the wrong one). I did however once again find the pin-prick hole in the old hose and the proceeded to patch it up with some duct tape ( I love that stuff). The car is running and not leaking any anti-freeze at this point. I made sure of that by driving 20 minutes to go get some hand cleaner that I know works really well when it comes to getting grease off hands. Well the place I went to didn't have it at all, when I know for a fact I've seen it there before, but oh well if I scrub for a few more days I should be able to get the residual grease off my hands.... No, I'll actually probably run by the parts store again and see what they've got in stock, and see if I did indeed get the right hose. If I did I think I'll be driving home for Thanksgiving and letting my big brother deal with the headache, but in a nicely heated garage, not the middle of a parking lot. I also garnered some nice bruises on my left arm for all my trouble. I hate that car.

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