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:: Saturday, November 02, 2002 ::

I'm Back! I'm back after a day of meetings and a class. This was another safety class that I have already taken multiple times, but I go everytime that someone new wants to attend. There were also men at this one. Men are very good. Anyway, before I start recalling the flirting with cute boys that took place, I'll comment on at least one post I've seen now that I'm back. Pejman's post on arming children is an excellent point. This last weekend I spent the weekend at a benefit that included teaching proper firearm safety. (I'm a certified range safety officer.) Anyway, a picture of me with a young child ended up available in public, and thecampus is outraged. They were pissed off that I was teaching this child proper usage. Gee, I suppose they want him to come across one of the many guns that his father owns and tragically find out what happens when the trigger is pulled. In the picture I was even removing his finger from the trigger before dropping the slide, and moving his thumbs to the proper position. The kid knocked all of the plates down, too!

Oh yeah, and Pejman's analogy to alcohol is also very on target. (Pardon the pun. Also pardon typos, as I have had a bit to drink this evening. I'm trying to catch them as I make them.) I feel like many of the exhcange students we had in high school had a far more mature view of alcohol than most of us. I wasn't really into drinking in high school, but many of my classmates would get (pardon the crude term) pissass drunk every weekend. While I may not always be the model of sobriety, I did not get drunk until after I graduated. (Cancun baby!) I still do not often have enough to drink to be notably intoxicated. I know how strange it is for me to write this as I mention that I might make more mistakes due to alcohol. However, I might be making them due to lack of sleep as well. I haven't slept much in the last couple of days. When I finally did lay down to get some sleep last night, Preppy and Naughty woke me up. I'm pretty sure I probably sounded like I wanted to hurt them when I answered the phone. Anyway, alcohol. Point being, if people wouldn't act like it's some horrible evil that we have to write a f*cking Constitutional amendment to ban, then maybe there wouldn't be such a severe underage drinking problem. Readers, if you have kids between the ages of 12 and 21, chances are they are already drinking. Face up to it. Teach them to be responsible. I know my mother did, and while I may have a few too many every once in a while, it is very rare.

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