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:: Thursday, November 21, 2002 ::

More Service Men Attacked So what's up with Kuwaitis and attacking American service men? First we have two Marine's shot, one killed and the other seriously wounded. Then shots fired at American troops from some cars. After that more shots fired near a U.S. training area, and now this.
While Kuwait owes its independence and security to U.S. forces, anti-American sentiment is rising here and elsewhere in the Middle East because of U.S. support for Israel, the war against terrorism and threats of an American attack on Iraq.
Weren't we the ones who kept Saddam from taking over their little country? Damn straight we were. Sure, the U.S. supports Israel and a lot of people in the Middle East don't like that. We've also supplied arms to how many Middle Eastern countries over the years. And what's wrong with trying to get rid of terrorism? Taking a stand against it and attempting to eradicate it seems to me a damn good way to not let these little chicken-shit cowards accomplish their goal. I also suppose that only when it's in their immediate best interests it's ok to have the U.S. come and go to war with Iraq for them, but when Iraq looks like it may pose a threat to us and the rest of the world (because I'm so sure Saddam wouldn't use any of these weapons on his neighbors *cough* *bullshit* *cough*) and we prepare to answer that possible threat, and maybe, just maybe make things better for the Iraqi people by ousting the tyrannical "democratically-elected president" *cough* *bullshit* *cough*, it's not ok.

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