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:: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 ::

Rally for SOLIDARITY! Well one person (the one absent last week that didn't hear about all the jokes we made about the walkout) walked out today. So the professor made it the break time for the seminar. I went out to see what was going to happen, but nothing much did. I saw maybe 60 people headed over to the area and at the area as I made my way across campus for some food. I thought about waiting to see if they were going to do anything notable, but instead decided to go back to class to watch The Simpsons. Yes, we watch The Simpsons on our break for the class. I have more to write about, but I might take a nap. I'm supposed to be at a tea right now, but I've had a long day. I still have another class to attend tonight that lasts until 10. bed = warm and comfortable

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