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:: Sunday, November 03, 2002 ::

Riots here, riots there, riots everywhere We had a small riot like act on campus tonight. Firsties and Seniors gathered to sing songs making fun of the college. The chant of our dorm became "_____ loves Dick, _____ loves Dick because we're hot chicks!" Yeah, that's what happens with women when we're bored.

Anyway, it was a controlled riot that went singing through the library before it was all over. We disrupted everything on campus, but not in the same way that 65,000 people did in Wisconsin. Now I'm sure that Wisconsin has some redeeming qualities. However, the fact that my ex is from the Madison area, and this was a headline on CNN today makes me not want to go. So in order to keep me from writing off the entire damn state, feel free to send emails on why I shouldn't hate Wisconsin. If it helps, I feel the same way about Los Angeles, just not for the same reasons. I told my friend there that he better know how to swim when it falls off into the ocean.

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