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:: Thursday, November 21, 2002 ::

So Wrong As someone about to finish up her First Responder training, I can tell you several things went wrong in this case where a DC woman was found to have a pulse after already being sent to the morgue. First, based on the story, it appears that the paramedics may not have checked for signs of life as they should. If I heard someone sighing, I would sure as hell put them down and try to confirm the sound wasn't a sign of life. On top of that, as the article even asks, why didn't they start rescue breathing when they felt a pulse? They should have already been working on the woman when they suspected a pulse. But, the best part of this horrific story?
"There is no indication that she was alive at the time of the call," he said. "Her arms were flexed at the elbows and in rigor mortis. We all looked at each other and said, 'Okay, she is dead.' "
As Spooky put it, "Right. You looked at each other. That must mean she's dead." Between this and another tale of incompetence in the DC area, maybe I should rethink Fairfax. (Link to the dead woman via The Corner.)

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