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:: Saturday, November 23, 2002 ::

Southern Living: More Than A Magazine Damn you. This suggestion for holiday meals got Baby and I started on a 4 hour conversation of why the South kicks ass. We miss home. We decided tonight that some weekend this spring we're taking off to drive to Virginia. We can get a cherry limeade and visit the Museum of the Confederacy. She's also said that she's going to go shooting with me on Sunday, and it will be her first time to shoot a handgun! Baby, we were so meant to be sisters. I even start to pick up your accent a little when we've been talking for a while.

So funny Southern story. At one point in high school, I was involved in a long distance relationship with a guy living in New Jersey. (Friend of a friend. It stopped working out when I moved closer and actually saw him more than 5 times a year.) One of the times he visited me, we ran into my grandfather while walking down the street. Ex-boyfriend put his hand out to shake my grandfather's. My granddad just looked at him and said, "So you're the goddamn Yankee that's dating my granddaughter." Then he just sized him up and walked on. At the time I was probably about 55 shades of red. Now I think it's great. :)

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