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:: Sunday, November 24, 2002 ::

Thank You, Again! I can't even begin to name the random bits of useful information I learn from How Appealing. Hell, I even recommended the site to one of my professors for her class. Anyway, I had no idea that possession of six or more sex toys in Texas was "intent to promote." Oh the evil thoughts going through my head. I almost feel that with all of these Southern states trying to get rid of sex toys that I should use my time here in New England to corrupt as much as possible. For example, Preppy, First, and Baby have never been to an adult store. I plan on taking them to one before they leave for the semester break.

I remember growing up I always wanted to go to the local chain of adult stores in Oklahoma and Texas because they were called Christie's Toy Box. That was back in more innocent times when I assumed Toy Box was for kids. See why I'm so screwed up?

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