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:: Thursday, November 21, 2002 ::

This Needs To Stop When I see headlines like this one I just want to cry and then go out and exterminate the bastards responsible for these actions. What is the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians going to do to help further their cause?
The murderer's father, Azmi, said he was pleased with his son. "Our religion says we are proud of him until the day of resurrection," Abu Hilail said. "This is a challenge to the Zionist enemies."
And some people wonder why a lot of Americans have a negative opinion about Islam. It doesn't help when the organizations that carry out these attacks have names like Islamic Jihad. If I were a muslim I would be outraged that these attrocities were being carried out in the name of my religion.
Reading the stories of the survivors and about the aftermath of these attacks always makes me feel sick, but it is a reality that these people live with.
Maor Kimche, 15, said he had just boarded the bus when the blast went off.
"Suddenly, it was black and smoky. There were people on the floor. Everything was bloody. There was glass everywhere and body parts," Kimche said.
The 10th grader, who was on his way to school in downtown Jerusalem, jumped out of a bus window and was scooped up by a taxi driver who took him to nearby Hadassah Hospital. Kimche was lightly injured in the left leg.
The youngster said the bus was crowded with high school students, soldiers and elderly passengers. He said he'd ride the bus again once he was well.
"How else will I get to school?" he asked.
The blast blew out the bus windows. A torso that had fallen over the side of the bus was covered with a white-and-blue checkered blanket. Sandwiches and schoolbooks lay scattered in the street.
As rescue workers removed the dead from the bus, the bodies were placed in black plastic bags that were numbered and laid out in a row along a sidewalk.
How can people do these things and then be praised for it?

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