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:: Monday, December 02, 2002 ::

Chance Encounter So in the middle of my break from preparing for this damn presentation on Wednesday, I found this little gem of a post at the Volokh's Huge Ass Conspiracy. Ironically enough, my presentation is on advertising geared for women, only my focus is on firearms. I know guns, and I know that the guys I adore at Smith & Wesson will give me lots of information. So put them together with my seminar (Mass Media Studies) and suddenly I have a topic. Anyway, why chicks like big rocks. I know several women who do not like large diamonds. Hell, I even know a few women who don't like any size diamond. Me, I'm a fan of something in the medium range. My hands are kinda big for a girl, so it would look funny to have a really tiny diamond on my fingers. When I have my nails done, my hands look incredibly long even though I keep the nails short. That didn't really answer any questions he posed. So, why jewelry? I don't know, maybe it's just a process of socialization now. I know that I've always grown up equating a diamond ring on the left ring finger to marriage. Parties, not so much. Parties can sometimes suck. (Well not our parties, but that's cause we have lots of fun chicks and alcohol.) But, in all seriousness and not the flakiness of finals approaching, it is a silly tradition. Do I still want a diamond ring? Hell yeah. It's kind of sad to think that just six months ago I thought I might be getting one of those rings for Christmas. Now I couldn't be happier that I'm not. It only took one month of being very, very, very, very, very, very bitter.

So, now as I realize that I have to get back to my research, does anyone want to help me out here? I need this one damn article that I can't find in any of the libraries around here. The online database only goes back to 1993, and the article is from 1991. It's by Debra Dobray and Arthur Waldrop. Based on my very messy notes that made much more sense this morning, the title is "Regulating Handgun Advertising Toward Women." Apparently it caused quite an uproar when it was published because it basically argues that women can't understand gun advertisements. Anyway, stupid me forgot to write down the journal it was in because I was cutting and pasting everything on the computer. Then I realize that I was late for work and closed everything. I want to say it was something like Whittier Law Review or something else with a W. One of my old schools was Whittier, so I may be pulling that out of no where. I'm pretty sure about the names of the authors because I got them from an article in a magazine that briefly mentioned the one I'm looking for. Also, do you know of any gun companies that make lines of their guns for women, other than Smith & Wesson? I haven't found any, and some articles make reference to them, so they might really exist. Anyway, any leads would be great. As for me, I'm headed back to the library again to try and find the damn journal and other sources on the broad topic of women and advertising. I'm also in the process of making a really cool Power Point presentation to run in the background featuring gun advertisements with women. I'll be going to crazy soon. Is it wrong that I was excited today because the library is now open 24 hours?

UPDATE: I found the f*cking article! (I curse quite a bit when I'm sleepy. I suppose I could apologize, but I don't give a damn!) I have to drive about 40 minutes to get it from a library that better be open tomorrow when I finally have some time. Two all nighters in a row...fun. 2:19 AM and counting...

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