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:: Thursday, December 26, 2002 ::

Cute, So Very Cute Well, a couple of people have already pulled apart everything they can from this story, but I just want to add one thing. I couldn't resist visiting the website of the group the author works for, Headwaters Fund. Isn't it cute, they call themselves "a catalyst for social change." Back to my point, let's learn about our dear little author, Emily.
Emily came to Headwaters in 1999 after working as the Development Assistant and intern coordinator for Milkweed Editions, a national independent literary press. At Headwaters Fund, she works with the Development Director on all individual, foundation and corporate fundraising activities and with Monica, manages the Walk for Justice. Emily holds a BA from Lewis and Clark College and spends time outside Headwaters writing, reading, biking, and organizing music, arts, and social change events in the Twin Cities.
That sounds like a personal ad to me! How about some of you hunky, single male bloggers give Emily Jane Heynen a call or send her a quick email? Headwaters is so kind as to post that information, too. Come on fellas! It's a girl (assuming around 27?) that loves to read, write (Yay for literacy!), and organize social change events. Maybe someone as oppressive as the ringleader of The Patriarchy could even get the girl to shave her legs.

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